4 Ways to Narrow Down Franchise Opportunity Choices

By on January 9, 2018

Buying a  franchise  can be considerably less risky than starting your own business from scratch. For this reason, it can be a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who are inexperienced or simply averse to risk. Many new  franchise  opportunities crop up every year, and the choices can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting to think about purchasing a  franchise . Here are some ways you can narrow down those choices to select the best possible  franchise  for your needs, skills, and location.

1. Estimate demand for the product or service being offered by the  franchise . This is a necessary step when starting any new business. Luckily, a  franchise  has an established brand name and a record of success, unlike a new independent business, which can greatly help you in estimating the demand for what the business has to offer. Location and timing should be considered. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to start up a surfing shop in the middle of Nebraska, or a store that sells skis in Hawaii, but less dramatic scenarios should be thought about thoroughly. You should analyze the demographics, needs, and desires of the location you are thinking about starting your  franchise  in to figure out if those will complement the type of  franchise  you want to start.

2. Another thing to consider when picking your  franchise  is competition. Again, this is a factor that you would likely consider when starting up any small business. Think about competition at both a local level and a national level. Most likely, you will not have a unique product, as many common  franchise  opportunities include fast food restaurants, hotel chains, and other categories which have a lot of competition. High competition will lead to lower profits.

3. The third thing to consider when selecting the right  franchise  is something specific to  franchised  companies. Look at the fees you will have to pay the franchiser, both for the initial investment and future royalty payments. Some franchisers offer a better deal than others in terms of profit-sharing. You should also consider other start-up costs, as those costs vary greatly across  franchises  – a home-based maid service will cost you considerably less than building a new hotel, so think about how much you can afford on that initial investment.

4. Finally, find out from the franchiser how much support and training is available to you. Inexperienced entrepreneurs are often drawn to  franchises  because it is less risky than starting up a new business, but different franchisers offer different levels of support and different amounts of training to their franchisees. If you know that you will need a lot of help and training to get things off the ground, make sure that you select a  franchise  with a company who will be willing to guide you and communicate with you when you have problems. If you are more experienced in business management, you may not need to take training and support into account when picking the right  franchise  for you.

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