Creativity in Franchising

By on August 31, 2015

Just because you become a part of the franchise world does not mean you have to lose yourself or your creativity! Franchisees, Amy Gray and Olivia Huvane of Scout & Molly’s are living proof. They chose this franchise for that reason, with their boutique they are a part of a franchise but it is up to them what products come into their store.

Franchises are known for being structured and organized so that way they are recognizable across the board but that doesn’t mean all uniqueness and creativity are lost. Different locations can be creative with deals and events, specials and also products as seen at Scout & Molly’s.

This is what they said about their choice, “We would not have partnered with any other franchise. We connected immediately with the founder of Scout & Molly’s, Lisa Kornstein, and her vision for boutiques that was more than just a generic chain. Each boutique has a different selection of merchandise and a unique identity based on the franchisee, but there is also a very strong design aesthetic and service model so you know each one you go into will represent the brand at the highest level.”

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