Determining the Right MLM for You

By on April 25, 2018

You must seriously consider every topic outlined in this report. The decision when you choose to start your own business can be a very rewarding decision but you must choose a company with which you will receive the right support, the right product, and the chance to grow to fulfill your potential.

Management Team

The CEOs of companies should be people who have experience and expertise to run a large corporation. They should have the abilities to hire the right people to run the shipping, technical, order, customer service, and other departments. This is important if the company is to reach the size to make your commitment worthwhile.

The marketing director should be an expert in network marketing. This person should have experience at building a large, successful organization in the field.

The company should have a full time product expert on staff. If the product line is nutrition or weight managements, there should be a qualified medical director to answer questions from the field, do product training, and promote the product line.

Find out who the directors are in the company. Do they have the credentials to run a successful organization? Are they credible? If it is a health or nutrition company, are there qualified physicians evaluating and contributing to the product line? Are there sales experts to manage and lead the sales division?


Network marketing is a fifty-year-old business and is legal in all fifty states and 125 countries. There are approximately forty million distributors worldwide and about seven million distributors in America. The network marketing industry does approximately $100 billion in retail sales annually. Of the various niches within the network marketing industry, 71% of the companies sell nutritional supplements, followed by personal care products (14%). One of the major reasons why nutritional supplementation is such a huge industry is that 76 million American baby boomers born between the years 1946 and 1964 have an obsession for remaining young and healthy and have the money to buy the products and services to help them remain fit. Also, the consumption of personal care products by men is one of the fastest growing trends today.

Network marketing is even more popular in Japan than in the United States. Many American network marketing companies have recognized the potential world wide growth and are marketing products in several countries around the world. Network marketers today can build their business anywhere in the world with a phone, fax, and a computer. When you are considering choosing a company, if you want to build a huge organization, you will want to choose a niche that is available worldwide and has the potential for continued growth. Is this an industry that is at the beginning of a trend?

Another great way to evaluate a company is to tour its home office. See for yourself how it looks and how it is run. You should be able to determine if it is well staffed and what kind of technology it is using. The company should appear to be state of the art and be able to handle expansion. If expansion is done too rapidly, it may not be able to handle all the demands and keep up with production.

Find out if this is an ethical company. Is the company making money? Is it financially sound? What is its track record? Is it following the criteria so as not to be an illegal pyramid? What are the industry watchdogs saying? What type of complaints have they been receiving about the company you are checking into? What is the turnover rate in the company?


You will need to ask who is successful in this network marketing company that will be available to you. Check out their track record. These people need to be mentors who have actually been successful, not just talked about it. You will also need to ask who will be your upline leaders and your sponsor. Find out if they will have a personal interest in your success and income. You might want to find out if you and your sponsor are compatible in a personal way. You will be spending lots of time together. After talking to your sponsor, what kind of a feeling do you have? Do you feel you can trust him? Is he in a good position in the company? If you come on board, will you be in a good position where you can receive help and support?


There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. You need to choose a company with a system that is duplicable. The system needs to be easy for the average person to understand and is a step-by-step approach to success in the company. The first two weeks are the most critical. The system needs to be set up so that you can simply sign up with the company and get to work with materials, support, and help from you upline. You will need to ask yourself how long it will take to feel comfortable with the system. Can you get this new business up to speed in one month? Is this system proven and cutting edge? Are those who are successful in the company using a system just like this? Can you make money working part time? What type of training and welcome package is sent out to jump start people in the program? Can you look and learn what others are doing and duplicate the process?

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