Either Regulate Franchising Correctly or Do Away With the Regulation

By on January 18, 2018

Recently, a very wise studier of the franchising industry sent me an email and we began to discuss the issues considering modern day franchising. They stated:

I think we should either regulate franchising as well as securities are regulated or do away with regulation of franchising entirely and concentrate on state fraud laws for consumers of business opportunities.

Interesting, as I concur with this actually and after spending over a decade in the franchising industry setting up units in 23 states, I saw the over regulation and the causality of Business Opportunities riding on the coat tails of the success in franchising. If it were entirely up to me, well, I vote to de-regulate, especially if we want to keep up with China.

Also consider that 75% of the people in America are employed by small business, why hinder the franchise model, it has proved its worth. It would lead to more regional small business chains; bring back the essence of free enterprise.

Without regulation in franchising, the Franchisors would not have to spend so much, save trees on printing, keep information from competitors, and they could not hide behind a mound of 260 pages of minutia. Franchisors would not have barriers between the franchise relationship and it would be the best for all concerned.

What a wonderful way to spur on the Economy and make this country strong from the mom and pop small business to the largest of the Multi-National Conglomerate Corporations? A new revival in all the things that made us so great. Consider if you will that finally bureaucracy was set aside and common sense prevailed in commerce? Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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