Focusing on What Counts in Your Network Marketing Business

By on March 14, 2018

Do you have problems completing the most important items on your “to do” list? Would like to finish your day with that satisfied feeling? The solution is in your ability to focus with laser like intensity. This one trait is the difference between amateurs and professionals. We’re all given the same amount of time each day. Some use that time efficiently to create masterpieces. Others create a life full of incomplete messes. Which will you decide to create?

In this complex world, you can lose yourself in a number of trivial tasks. For example, you may communicate to your downline daily through an informative email. Simple task, right? Yes, right until you open your inbox of your email and realize you have 20 new tempting emails. There’s even one from that internet guru you adore promising more leads for your business.

You decide you’ll multi-task a bit and open a few of these emails to clear your email box. Well, the internet guru directs you to free 41 minute video promising you riches. How could you refuse? You can’t, these guys are good at what they do. Before you know it, you’ve watched a video and now you return back to the task at hand.

On the way over, you glance at your calendar and notice it’s your cousin Joey’s birthday. You make the business/social savvy decision to wish him a happy birthday on Facebook so the whole world can see how considerate you are. Over in Facebook, your popularity is confirmed. You have three new friend requests. Of course, it would be rude to not accept them. So you accept them and reach out with a simple shout out on each of their walls. More exposure for you, right? Turns out, your college fraternity brother sees you’re online and starts a chat online with you regarding the bi-annual trip to Las Vegas. A few laughs later and 30 minutes later, you return to your email to compose that 10 minute email.

You can see how this pattern could easily take eight hours to do one hour of constructive work. You have to learn to focus like a laser. The professionals know how to get the most out of every hour. The difference between you being wildly successful in your business.

If this is a new concept for you, take it easy at first. Try a couple power hours a day for the next week. During these power hours, block out all distractions and focus like your life depended on it. You will get your worthwhile objectives completed. More importantly, you will make strides to becoming the leader of the pack.

Another tried and tested method is positive reinforcement. For every 50 minutes of focused energy, reward yourself with a ten minute treat. A few examples of simple ten minute treats are a brief walk, a quick phone conversation, your favorite snack, or even my favorite, random internet browsing.

Planning for a focused work session is very important. Look around your work area. Does it look like a mixing bowl of everything important in your life? Can everything from bills to vacation brochures be found in your space? If so, take a very valuable 10-20 minutes and clean up. Clear your space and you will clear your mind. A clear mind leads to productivity.

Accountability partners are a great tool to stay focused. Partners can be practically anyone. Many of clients pay me to keep them on task. However, my most effective accountability partners are my kids. I find it impossible to lie to them. I make a simple promise to them like I’ll play Wii with you guys if you make sure I totally concentrate on my work for the next two hours. They hold my feet to the fire like no one else can. It’s up to you to find what accountability system works for you. Just make sure you’re employing at least one method.

These are just a few ways to stay focused. Find the combination that keeps you on task. Staying focused is one of those fundamentals of success that can not be overlooked. Remember, make incremental steps daily and you will be pleasantly surprised with your results.

Source by Granger Jay Hopson

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