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By on August 12, 2015

Having success is the goal for any businessman. As a franchisee Peter Castorena was lucky enough to have franchisors who were concerned enough to get involved to ensure the success of his location.

The last nine years Peter has been invested in the success of his store The Minuteman Press. Peter did a lot of research before buying his franchise. One of the factors for him was he wanted franchisor involvement and a leader in their field.

Peter said about his journey to get started, “Coming from a larger corporate environment, the challenge I found most formidable was the load to shoulder. Everything from hiring new employees, initially marketing the business, meeting OSHA standard, accounting methods, to simple aspects of running the business like making sure there was coffee, paper towels or even toilet paper. My regional Minuteman Press support team was there for me like champs though. Between my VP Dan Byers and my area manager Jack Panzer, they helped me through it all. That includes hiring new employees, setting up my infrastructure and a gentle reminder that, “Hey Pete, you may want to pick up more hand-soap for the washroom on your way home tonight.” By the time they left I had what I needed to run my business and was confident I could manage my time to get it done!”

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