How Do I Choose a Niche Market That Will Make ME Money? (Part I)

By on April 25, 2018

The core aspect to your thought process in deciding which market to chose has to be,

1 – a niche (that is the market) area you know a lot about,

2 – a niche that is popular and you can get a lot of information about to educate yourself on.

A niche that you are interested or passionate in will keep you positive and excited, making everything more enjoyable and not turning it into something that becomes a chore (like the house work my wife expects me to do on the weekend when she is at work).

Now it’s fair to say you can’t be interested in everything, but it’s not to say there is no money in other niches. You couldn’t be wider of the mark my friend, there are lots of different niches, lots of different areas people are interested in and hence lots of different revenue streams. You will want to choose something that will be fairly popular with other people, such as Golf for example(which I have never played, but know a lot of people will spend a lot of money on). You do not want to choose something that is of interest to only a few people, such as ‘How to catch a fish in the North pole’ (which you will be glad to know I have never done either).

So consider a niche that you have a passion for, are interested in and, again, that will be fairly popular.

So… For choosing your target market, your niche, or the subject of your business – what do you need to know about it, and do about it?

Like I said at the start, your target market is the core to the products that you’ll be selling with your internet business.

This can be anything from Golf, car racing, running, keeping fit, Martial arts, dancing, weight training, music, fishing, football etc etc etc.

It could be something to do with internet marketing.

What you have to do is to Identify Your Market First and Then Find a Product. Don’t just go fishing with your bait and hope for the best. Understand where the fish are, what bait they like and then go fishing my friend. Now even though I have never done this either I can guarantee you would get more fish this way.

Creating and finding a product is actually really easy. You can go to sites like Clickbank where you could get digital products. Digital products are products like audio, video, ebooks, webinars, memberships etc. All of which can be downloaded, and no cost, leaving more money in your pocket. You can get commission on promoting these products and this is called affiliate marketing.

An alternative site is called Commision junction that promotes both digital and physical products. So that golfer wanting to shave a couple of strokes of his/her round of golf can get access to the latest technologically advanced ‘Nassa approved’ golf club (if one exists).

You are not creating a product and then selling the idea. The idea is to simply find the niches people are interested in and then find a product that will be of value to them, and in turn make you money.

You want to find out what they want – something they’re just crazy about just because it’s a really hot topic or something that solves a problem for them or helps them solve a problem.

That’s what you need to find.

What you need to keep in mind is that you want a hungry, passionate market, a hot topic, a great niche, a market with people ready to spend their money, an area people are passionate about, an area where peoples wallets are open and ready to be used.

You get my point… right?

They just really want to learn about stuff, they need the INFORMATION to solve THEIR problems/issues.

Ideally you want something that people that are absolutely fanatical about and have a real interest in. Fanatical means being very enthusiastic about a niche. You want a market where people have an obsession about it.

I use golf a lot as an example. because a lot of people are golf fanatics. They can’t get enough of magazines and information, all the latest on equipment, checking out what the pros are doing, etc etc etc…

Another good example is people are crazy about their family.. and yes that includes the extended members such as their pets, and as such they will spend ridiculous amounts of money for all sorts of things for them.

Like I mentioned above the market you chose has to be large, not small.

Golf is without a doubt a large market. With a large market comes a large bit of competition, but don’t be deterred as the pie is large enough for you to have a nice sized slice, and hopefully some warm custard on top for some good measure.. hhmmm.

The internet is a huge pie with billions of pounds in transactions each month.

Please check out Part II to this article for the finishing section.

Source by Shiraz Mirza

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