Is This "Get A Free iPod Thing A Scam?

By on April 15, 2018

What’s This All About? Well, I’ll let my newest completely free eBook give you a brief overview of what I’m referring to and this is taken from the first chapter.

This is all about free offers…and how to take advantage of them. We’ve all seen those flashing banners and received those emails offering a FREE Xbox 360 or a FREE HDTV. Chances are, you simply ignored them or, if you did notice them, you thought, “That’s just too good to be true, so it probably isn’t!”

Well, most times that’s probably a good thought. But, there are times that you’ll miss out on something really important by thinking that.

Back a few years ago, if someone had told you about a brand new invention they’d just come up with that would hold all the music you want and allow you to pick the music you listen to and be able to take your music with you wherever you go and to be able to share your music with friends, you may have thought, “Man! That sounds good, but it’s just too good to be true, so it’s probably just a pipedream…I’ll never see one!”

If that person were offering you a chance to make money from his invention, you would’ve lost out…because it was…of course…the iPod! And there are many other examples just like that…so don’t be too quick on the draw!

So…not everything that looks like it’s too good to be true really is. You have to have all the facts…all the information…to be able to decide for yourself.

Is This A Scam?

Three simple words: NO and YES!

That’s not as confusing as it sounds. If you think about it, some very good things have suffered from scams being pulled on unsuspecting people. Take for example, The Red Cross. They do excellent work for people in times of need. But we all heard and read about people who had used the generosity of the public to line their pockets. Does that make the Red Cross a scam? Churches have been involved in scams…does that make them all a scam? Legislators have been involved in scams…does that make them all scammers? Of course not! Any business can be a scam when it’s in the hands of a scammer!

Anytime there is money involved there will be unscrupulous people swarming around it. That’s just a fact of life now days.

Is incentive marketing…free offers…a scam? NO! The marketing technique is tried and true and is used by huge, well-known corporations.

Are there scammers in the free offer field? YES! But there are many, many more people in the field that want to see you succeed. Think about it. If the whole field becomes riddled with scammers, then the corporations won’t want to have anything to do with that type of marketing and simply stop using incentives as a way to build their customer bases.

Working in incentive marketing is EXACTLY like working in any other business field. There are certain things you just shouldn’t do. If you owned a pizza shop, would you hand your nightly bank deposit to the first guy you saw passing by the front of your shop? Of course not!

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