Material Morphing For Stealth Enhancement of Incoming Frequencies Pondered

By on December 12, 2017

One thing that bothers me with the fifth generation of stealth fighter aircraft is that they could very well be obsolete by the time they hit the skies. Oh you might call me a worry wart on this, but it comes from a study of military history, not from paranoia. Further, running a think tank we are constantly considering cutting edge (literally and figuratively) technologies in the human domain. Trust me, it’s time to develop the technology that will defeat stealth, because we are not the only ones who have it anymore. Let’s talk.

There was an interesting piece in “Comsol News – Multiphysics simulation spurs innovative mechatronics,” 2013 Issue titled; “Picking the Pattern for a Stealth Antenna,” by Francesca de Vita, Simone Di Marco, Fabio Costa and Paolo Turchi, Altran Italy with a sub-heading titled;

“A frequency selective surface that acts as an RF filter and helps reduce the radar cross section of antennas consists of a pattern of geometrical objects. There are literally thousands of possibilities, and testing each one physically would take enormous amounts of time. With simulation, though, we can find promising candidates in just minutes.”

Right so this makes sense, but what if we had a receiver which could readjust to the incoming radar or sensor beam, then morph the outside skin of an aircraft or the secondary under-skin to best cloak the any reflection of the frequency – similar to noise cancelling ear phones. You see, if it is so easy for a computer to run through all the different variations that quickly why not do that in real time, and disappear off the enemies radar screen once they find the best frequency to home in on your location.

Is this possible? I believe so, especially with stronger materials, so thin they allow pass through while the beneath skin deflection of the beams or frequency is focused basically where ever you want it, but not in the direction of any antenna. In fact, you’d be sending the incoming frequency around your internal antennas too, and frequency hopping away from your enemy’s best choices of or current use of radar frequencies. Maybe there is much more to stealth than meets the eye, or the enemy’s radar system.

Interestingly enough, Gene Roddenberry often had cloaks of Klingons and force field shielding set to specific frequency combinations, where the enemy would adjust and it was a cat and mouse game of secrecy, sensing, and guessing to evade, cloak, hide, and strike. It’s not that our engineers and physicists didn’t watch the same shows on TV or at the movies, or read enough science fiction, actually it’s just that – before it was Sci Fi – today, it’s reality, we have the technology, and we can do this, and we can do it in real time to boot. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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