MLM Prospects – What Is the Cycle of MLM Prospects to Help Get the Sale?

By on March 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered, “Are the people I am putting in my business working?” I talk to people every day as I am mentoring for success. I tell them that there is a cycle you need to monitor so you can see what is working for you and what is not. How do your prospects score? Are you working with the right people at the right time?

Timing is very important, so either you are wasting time with the wrong people or you are not talking to people who may be ready. I told people that I have a cycle to increase people I put into the business! Everyone rates at a zero. It just means that they do not know anything about my business yet. As they visit me on a social media site, visit my website and request information, or respond back to me on an email, they cycle starts. Now from the point that they do not know anything about you moving to the point of sale that is when they become your target. Now this is where I tell my students that we need to score and evaluate every lead you have. Now, let me give you an example, I live in Dallas, Texas and I want to go to Anchorage, Alaska. I am a prospect by the businesses in Anchorage and if I do not get there, they probably will not make a sale. So the write me a letter and tell me about the sites and events that I may want to attend. At this point, I am a zero to those businesses. If I do not open and read the mail, what value am I to the businesses?

None. So, I may open that letter, and maybe I am looking at many ideas for my vacation. So still, I am not a qualified sale to anyone. Maybe I write a response to the tourism department, so it means I am thinking about it. Still no sale, but I am starting to warm up. Maybe I visit a few websites and visit the airlines website. Now, you would say, I am a qualified prospect. This is where I say you need to be lead nurturing to your leads. Providing more and more information to me and getting me closer to a purchase. Now, if it is the September, and you know I am not a winter fan, does that mean you move on because I am not serious? No, and you need to find more ways to connect with me to find out what and when I would want to visit. If the best fishing is in June and you know I love to fish, you may send me reports or sell me reports of fishing data in June in Alaska. As it gets closer, I book a ticket for June and I am getting close to coming there the prospect is like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, and I am turning into that sale or customer.

So this is where you have to score your leads and where many network marketers fail. Just because a prospect clicks a website and leaves right away, was not a point of adding to the value, unless they come back. Do you know if your leads are reading your emails? How do you treat those that have read the email? Just because you add a read receipt to your email, they are not an effective way to know if it is read or not. Many people use autoresponders, so you do not know which emails are being read unless they do a reply to you. You may not know what keywords your leads are clicking on either, or the campaign you are running. Now, if a lead leaves your site in 10 minutes of watching a presentation, do you reply differently to them verse the way you respond to the person that views the entire presentation and comes back to look around? You should be, but again, How do you know what is happening? I use to go nuts because I had white boards up and I missed a lot of tracking. Why do networking businesses tell you to invite friends and family to a in home meeting or hotel meeting? Because they do not have a way to track to see if you went to a website or that you viewed the information about their business. Since I am very technical, and I wanted to produce a global business, I knew not everyone could come to my home, so I would have to use technology work for me. You can use things on the internet and with in technology to know and score your leads. That is where I created my system to do this, and it has increased my sales and business over the years that I did not score my prospects.

So, for every action that your prospect takes, assign it a value. I recommending every action is 10% closer to the sale. So if someone reads the email, they are at 10%, if they attend a meeting it is 10%, etc. You have to nurture them until they make a decision, and even if you get a no, but you have a product that comes out that the prospect may need later because you have gotten to know them, you continue to share more information with them. Say that you learn that they initially came to you because they needed a product, and they decided your competitions product. You then are talking to them and they talk to you how it makes them tired, and are going to stop using the product. You may recommend that product or maybe if they just had a child and you had a product, then maybe a product for newborns. This is where I say nurturing because you are looking for how you can help the person solve their want, need or desire.

In closing, let me ask this question, are you calling your prospects many times, asking if they reviewed the information or do you know you are talking to the people that have looked for the information you have? If your calling people who took no action, could mean that they are sending you a message that many people cannot say, “no”. You need to find ways you can automate your monitoring and scoring of your leads so that it is transparent to your prospects and where you are getting information to them based on a true concern to help them. This is how you can rapidly expand your business by knowing what your leads are doing.

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