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By on March 14, 2018

Where do we begin? It seems like everyone is trying to find ways to make extra income. What better way than to work from the economical and comfort of your home. There is thousands of business plans of every conceivable method and angle touted online. The internet is exploding with ideas promising unbelievable wealth just there for the taking. Sound too good to be true? Most probably are. Trying to determine which ones to pursue and which ones to avoid can be overwhelming.

To become a realistic online income finder you must look past the emotion and the hype. The criteria I apply when researching legitimate programs to investigate is:

1. Eliminate the programs that are obviously unrealistic. Be wary of those sites that make impractical claims earning of thousands of dollars in your very first week or month after joining their online business. This is not to say one can’t earn a substantial sustainable income in a very short time, but that territory of reality is definitely not the norm. Most legitimate business models require a ramp up time to learn and apply the proven principles, especially when most new investigators come into the arena with no prior experience with this type of Internet business.

2. When you find a site offering an online business opportunity that appeals to you, plan on spending some time going through it thoroughly, don’t be so anxious to part with your precious investment money. Look for logos on their Website for references of reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3. Ascertain if the company offers in depth training to teach you the intricate details of their income producing business model. Is their training free of charge or are they just trying to sell you seminar training tapes? Does this training include: one-on-one interaction, group webinars, and question and answer groups?

4. What is the capital investment? Do you have to come up with an investment before you receive any explanation or indoctrination of the program? Can you enter the program at an entry level venture and build your increased participation from earnings? Is the investment criteria based on the premise, “the more money you invest the greater reward you will reap? Watch out!

5. What is the product or service offered to the public? Is it a universally accepted and desired product or service? Does it require a huge “multi-level” mark-up to afford a reasonable commission?

6. All income from any Internet online business is predicated on generating leads (potential customers). Does the company teach you how to generate these all important leads?

If you follow these basic guidelines you will find the perfect fit and will be well on your way to your quest to become a successful online income finder.

Source by Donald L Thomsen

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