OSHA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul

By on December 6, 2017

Did you know that the OSHA rules are so pervasive that if you take each page of the OSHA rules and regulations books and stacked them on top of each other they would go up in the sky 42-stories. Yes, it is true. Can you believe the amount of bureaucracy that OSHA is forcing on American businesses? Who does this really help? Not the workers, because the costs to comply with all the OSHA standards means there is less money in the company to pay the workers a higher salary and provide better benefits.

Additionally, the OSHA rules and regulations help the trial lawyers sue American companies to make money and further take money away from the company that could in fact be used to pay the workers a higher salary and greater benefits for their families.

Therefore OSHA rules and regulations need to be reduced or completely scrapped and start over in order to provide a better standard of living and quality life to all Americans. The OSHA rules and regulations also end up costing companies so much money that they must raise their prices and in doing so cannot compete with foreign manufacturers of goods, which are shipped to our country.

Since they are unable to compete the must close their businesses and this helps no workers. OSHA needs rules and regulations overhaul and they need them now. It is time to start over with OSHA rules and regulations and call Caesar to come in and take care of the trial lawyers and the lawyers in Washington D.C. who are supposedly our elected representatives and are suppose to be serving the will of the American people. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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