Real Estate Agents – Steady Your Income With A Network Marketing Business

By on March 14, 2018

As a former real estate agent I know how erratic a commissioned sales job can be and the importance of having an alternate source of income. With real estate sales and home values fluctuating constantly you cannot depend on a specific amount of sales taking place each month to pay you a decent income. Starting a network marketing business would go well with a real estate career.

Since real estate and network marketing are essentially people businesses they can both be operated the same way and almost at the same time. A real estate agent makes many contacts during their career making it easy for them to introduce a network marketing product or business to a former customer or to a co-worker in the real estate business.

Advertising could also be done easily with a magnetic sign or lettering on the back window of the car, properly placed as not to obstruct rearward vision.

To find a network marketing that appeals to you all that you have to do is do some research on the internet and various Success magazines. They are usually full of different opportunities that you will have plenty to choose from.

In selecting the right opportunity for you first you have to decide what type of product interests you and one that you yourself would use. A consumable product is usually best since it requires that it be re-ordered every month, which would pay you a monthly check as the products are ordered by the same customer month after month. Unlike real estate where you make one commission after the sale, with a consumable product you get paid over and over again as the products are re-ordered resulting in a nice residual income for you to put with your monthly real estate commission check.

Once you select the right product or service and company it is time to select the right sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for helping you get started in your new network marketing business and it is their job to train you in the workings of the company, rules and regulations. The sponsor will also train you in the methods that their group uses to promote the business and product and offer you support in promoting your business. With the help of your sponsor and their sponsor you have a lot of help at your fingertips at no cost to you because network marketing is a win-win business.

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