Rooter Man Franchise Review

By on April 17, 2018

If you are looking for a unique  franchise  opportunity that provides you with a low cost solution to  franchise  ownership and a pricing system with flat rates, Rooter Man  Franchise  is an option. You do not need to pay any royalty amount on the sales percentage if you become a Rooter Man Franchisee, and there are many more benefits to joining this company.

Background:The  Franchise  came into existence in the year of 1970. Donald MacDonald of N. Billerica, MA was the founder of the Rooter-Man initiative, which started franchising after the year of 1981. Rooter-Man has about 480 locations, spread throughout Canada and the United States. Their 30 years of experience in  franchise  made them consistently rise up even at the time of tough economic recession. This tremendous success and growth helped Rooter-Man to be rated as the #1  Franchise  Opportunity. This was in the field of Sewer, Plumbing, and Drainage Cleaning category. This rating of the Rooter Man  Franchise  has been the same for 9 years by the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Advantages: This whole concept of the company was designed to capitalize the vital community needed for overcoming the cost factors, which were very high. These factors are associated with starting a business usually. The advantages of the Rooter Man  Franchise  are:

· Standardized Equipment: The Rooter Man  Franchise  Company has been drawn on by many years of  franchise  experience of the founder. There is no guesswork involved like what equipments are needed and such related things. The types of efficient and sturdy motorized equipment you will need, are made available to you in the exact models. There are no frills involved but just hard working hardware that makes your work easier and helps you perform your job better.

· Low Overhead: Most licensees of Rooter Man  Franchise  initially begin their business at their homes, helping them save money by not paying high rent at business locations.

· No prior plumber experience needed: Rooter-Man provides thorough, on-job training, helping you become a drain-cleaning specialist even before your business is started. You can even take refresher training if you feel the need for it.

Initial license fees and cost: The one-time fees you will have to pay for license is usually based on the territory population. The minimum license fee, which is to be paid initially, is $3,975. This has to be paid even if the territory population is below 125,000. The ground floor fee, which has to be paid initially as well, is $31.80/thousand, which is 1/3rd of the cost approximately of all of  franchises  in this trade.

All in all,  Franchise  ownership can be called a serious commitment that works best when well thought out decisions are made. If you are thinking of owning a  franchise , then try to get all of the required information from the Rooter Man advisory services. There is a team of qualified advisers who have the experience of helping people who are interested in purchasing  franchises . So, take your time and make the correct decision for yourself.

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