Searching For the Hidden Job Bank in Your Town

By on January 5, 2018

You’re kidding, right? There’s a hidden job bank in every town, city or crossroads. Our BIG challenge is to discover where it’s located. You’ve got to put on your best investigative talent. Some call it just “looking around” while others call it “detective sleuthing”, undercover work. You’ve got to do it.

Yes, searching for the hidden job bank is work. Sometimes we refer to it as the “mind-ladder” of those bank directors, business executives, company owners, vice Presidents or even the custodian who knows where the jobs are. All action begins with a thought and that’s where you come into the big picture.

If you’re from a farm family growing up, this will be easy. Networking = tilling the soil, making friends in the marketplace, connecting with the powers of decision. Next we “plant the seed” or idea with the decision makers who can hire you. Many job openings do not exist UNTIL the seed is planted. Your next job or career position may already be on the “mind-ladder” of a company executive waiting for someone like you to present themselves as the perfect candidate who gets hired immediately.

Your current executive position is in sales whether you like it or not. No pay, no expense account, no free car, no free lunch, yet you still have to dress up, put on your RED coat and be ready to take a load of rejection at every turn. Nobody likes rejection but the payoff is coming. You’re on a journey and you know your destination before you even begin.

There is NO shame in NO job. Tell everyone you know as you broaden your search network. Everyone really does feel your pain and want to help you. Unfortunately, few can or will until you find the person with the power of decision. Join professional groups, search the Internet, talk to former professors and classmates you remember. Offer to work free if necessary to prove your worth to a prospective firm or do volunteer work for service agencies that are well connected.

Don’t forget there are all kinds of services available. Staffing services, personnel agencies, executive search firms provide tremendous guidance and help to job seekers in the marketplace. If you have a particular firm in mind don’t hesitate to ask if they can place you there on a temporary assignment or set up an interview. Don’t be shy, ask for what you want. Persistence will pay off for you so keep the faith and don’t give up in your search for the dream job you deserve.

Source by Don Monteith

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