Selecting Your Child’s First Bed

By on November 13, 2017

For Janesville, Wis. resident Paula Ciebell, the choice for children’s beds was doubly challenging. Paula is the mother of identical twin boys, Trevor and Justin, age 5.

“We took buying beds almost too seriously,” Paula said. “It turned out to be a huge thing for our kids. We never switched to toddler beds because I did not want to give them access to getting out of bed alone at a young age. I must have missed the optimum time for doing it, though, because then they refused. They would not give up their cribs.”

As the little ones’ fourth birthday approached, Paula and her husband, Tony, tried to ease them into the idea of getting “big-boy” beds by shopping around.

“They still refused, however, and they did not get beds until Christmas after they turned 4,” Paula said.

Experts say moving a child to a bed can be stressful for many children, citing the process as a significant milestone in their development.

Involving the children in picking out the new bed and picking out new bedding is another recommendation.

Paula and her family did just that.

“The kids loved being a part of the shopping experience,” Paula said. “After shopping many, many stores, they discovered Verlo Mattress Factory Stores to be their favorite place. They loved that the factory was attached, and they were excited to have the beds made just for them.”

Paula said that Verlo’s custom-crafted beds fit their budget as well as the boys’ active lifestyles.

“These beds are very durable,” Paula said. “They flopped around on the demo beds and were happy to pick out their own.”

Verlo Mattress Factory Stores of Janesville sleep expert and   franchise  owner Kathleen Peardon said moving a child from a crib to a bed can be a very traumatic experience and agreed that involving children in the shopping process gives them a sense of independence. Peardon also cited the importance of a mattress in helping children obtain their much-needed ZZZZs.

“Handing down an old mattress to a child isn’t a good idea,” Peardon said. “Because mattresses wear out over time, it’s important to maximize your child’s chances of restful sleep by making sure he or she is sleeping on a mattress that is comfortable and supportive enough in order to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed.”

Needless to say, the Ciebell household is sleeping peacefully these days. “We never had a restless night with the transition. It was wonderful!”

She added that the monumental moment of buying new beds sticks with them.

“The boys still love driving past the local Verlo store and pointing out every Verlo truck on the road,” Paula said. “They also love to relay the story to other kids and their friends, especially the young ones who are still in a crib or toddler bed.”

To bring sweet slumber to your household, try these other tips for easing the transition to a bed:

  • Putting the new bed in the child’s room for a few months to help him or her get used to it.
  • Start the child’s bedtime routine in the new bed and then, if the child wants, move him or her to the crib, when the child is finally ready to go to sleep.
  • Let the child take as many daytime naps in the new bed.
  • Take as many things from the child’s crib and continue to use them in the new bed as part of the bedtime routine.
  • Let the child sleep on the crib mattress on the floor for a few nights.
  • Move the new bed into the position in the room that the crib was in.

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