The Curious Tale of Frank Abagnale

By on April 24, 2018

Welcome to the whimsical world of Mr. Wannabee! The man who knew too much and was too many!

If you’ve never seen the fictional account of Frank Abagnale, you may want to pick up a video copy of “Catch Me If You Can”, starring Leonardo Di Caprio as Frank Abagnale and Tom Hanks as his nemesis, FBI agent Carl Hanratty Jr. While it’s well beyond the scope of this book to provide a movie review, suffice to say that Frank Abagnale was a master con artist who discovered the immense value and power of Persona Profiling at an early age. While Frank’s expertise lies in counterfeiting just about anything that can be converted into cash, his most fascinating skill was his ability to create a number of Persona Profiles that allowed him to hone his craft to the tune of millions of dollars.

The fact that con artists use multiple personae in their scams should come as no surprise to anyone. Every skill or technique that creates an opportunity for self-improvement and success can equally be used in less honorable ways. My personal fascination with Frank’s ability to invoke multiple personalities at will is the ease with which these can be applied.

Some of Frank’s most infamous characterizations came in the form of a Pan-American airline pilot (fortunately he never completed the transformation by actually flying a plane), a U.S. Secret Service Agent, a medical doctor (complete with a forged Harvard Medical School degree) and a lawyer who was actually working as an Assistant Prosecutor after passing the Bar Exam in Louisiana. The characters created by Mr. Abagnale are all legitimate examples of four Persona Profiling Paradigms. First, there is the Paradigm of Principle, which states that we will be successful at anything we do, whenever being successful is an absolutely MUST and not just a wish or desire! Next is the Paradigm of Purpose, which states that in order for us to be successful at anything we do, we must first become the person who would be successful. The 3rd paradigm is the Paradigm of Premise, which states that we can achieve success by adopting and adapting a true, genuine, honest and accurate persona of the person who would be successful. And finally, the Paradigm of Paradox,which states that “we are never who we are, yet that’s precisely who we are!”

Mr. Abagnale sees to it that there is no room for error in the way he personifies his “characters”. His intended audience is completely taken in by the ease and sheer bravado with which he performs his cons and adapts to the roles! The major flaw with the many personalities that Frank Abagnale created was that they were all disingenuous at their core. Instead of being a haven for desire, they were a harbor for deceit.

Source by Allan N. Mulholland

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