This Postal Connections Franchisee Went the Extra Mile

By on October 27, 2015
Kevin P

Kevin Papula went from the IT director of a company with 300 employees to being a franchisee of Postal Connections. But Kevin did more than just become a franchisee. He supplemented his franchise income for many years and put in plenty of dedicated labor.



“Kevin Papula had a nice niche in life — IT director of a company with 300 employees. But the desire to start his own business prevailed, and he chose both franchising and Postal Connections. “I’m a born leader, and I like to make the decisions that matter. I like having control,” he says. “With no office politics or useless corporate bureaucracy, things move very fast.” Papula also had some other things going for him: solid savings, a family chockful of small businesspeople to give advice and the patience needed to hold out for success.”


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