Unemployed Due to Recession? Stop Complaining and Get a Job

By on May 8, 2018

Firstly, I have to say I have given up all hope in our worldly community, yes recession has hit us hard, and yes people are losing their jobs because of it but for some unknown reason people are complaining that there are no jobs available. This evidently means people are resorting to government welfare (Not in all cases, just stereotyping here a bit) and honestly I find it ridiculous and pointless. Pointless because going on welfare will  just increases the severity of the recession and in the end just places more hard working people in the unemployed boat, and as the increase in unemployed occur more and more people will go onto welfare. So basically it is a never ending cycle that can only be cured once people start to support themselves financially.

So where is this article going? And what is the solution? Good question and I will get to that now.

The Solution:

The solution is quite simple but probably not what you want to hear and here it is… Get A Job! “But there are no jobs because of the recession” you might say, well honestly I will say this “There are thousands upon thousand of jobs available if you would just look and know where to find them”.  Sadly there is no magic solution that will get you out of a financial crisis, and if you think all those websites promising that you will make $30,000 in the next week by doing minimal work you are sadly mistaken because those are just MLM scams that will actually do the exact opposite than making you rich quickly.

Where To Find Paying Jobs:

Seeing as the only way to make it through this recession is to get a paying job and fight your Way through it (Survival of the fittest) I thought I would share this brilliant website with you that connects employers with people looking for work from all over the world, and the best part is you can do it right from your own home and there are literally thousands of jobs to choose from.

I will say this once, and once only “This is not a scam! You actually have to work for your money” Sorry for you, as I said there is no get rich quick scheme here. Check it out here [http://www.esperspective.com/odesk] it is completely free to sign up and you can start working for USD immediately, the only criteria before you start working is that you have to pass their readiness test (Literally takes 10Min’s and is really easy). I signed up and in one day I had 3 jobs paying a net total for $400. Yes not a fortune but they were easy jobs none the less.


Well that’s it, the only way to make money is to work for it I’m afraid. And if you are interested in making extra money or become a full time home provider then really don’t hesitate.

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