What Is Direct Sales?

By on April 4, 2018

Direct Sales is a Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s consider this for a moment. If you are building and leading a team, yes, there is a pyramid structure. Is there a pyramid structure at your current job? Who is at the top of the company where you are employed? Where are the supervisors and employees? The president of the company is at the top with the Vice President and managers underneath, followed by the employees, so you see they pyramid structure forming? Who is making the most money at the company you work for? The president of the company or the employee? Would you like to be the president of the company? Many would say yes, especially for the money.

What if you could start a business and be that president of the your own company? You would build your team with Vice Presidents, Supervisors, Managers and Employees, if you will, within your own business. This is not to say the President does not work for their money. The president leads the team on the pyramid of team members below, each performing a job according to their skills and expertise.

In direct sales it is not necessary to build a team, although, if you want to further your business and have greater success, just like the president of the company, you need others to help you build and expand your business. You have your leaders who will be your supervisors and managers and then your employees. As with any business, you as the president will collect your earnings from the success of the business and that success depends not only on you, but your employees (team members) success. In direct sales, you do have the option of being a solo business owner, who works your direct sales business by yourself on a much smaller scale or perhaps you are one in the pyramid structure of a leader as an employee/ team member. You are a president of your own business in direct sales, it is just a matter of how large you want your business to be. Each and every person within direct sales has the opportunity of creating their own business as a president. How large would you like your business to be?

In direct sales there are not actual employees, since most team members are all independent business owners and most likely independent contractors and not considered employees who work for an hourly wage. Independent business owners in direct sales have control of their earnings. Employees do not and that is left up to your boss. However, your performance in your direct sales business can pay off, where your performance a your job may not.

Direct Sales is a Scam?

Really? Since when is selling a product or service a scam? Each business does this each and every day. Yes there are scams out there, but if you are selling a legitimate product or service, where is the scam in that? Unfortunately, with the scams that are out there, it goes with the saying one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Most direct sales companies/network marketing companies are not a scam. Do your research. Would you be selling a legitimate product or service or are you paid on just bringing bodies on to your team? If you are paid by bringing bodies on to your team and not paid commissions on the sales of your team that is not legitimate. Red flag! Be sure the company you join is paying you based on the sales of your team. Keyword- sales.

What is Direct Sales?

Is it for you? Does having the opportunity of starting your own business, working from home and being in control of your income appeal to you? Direct sales is a much simpler and less expensive way to start into a business of your own. The direct sales company takes care of all of the expenses that can come from starting your own traditional business and most have systems in place to get you earning right away. Most often you will find that it requires the purchase of a business start up kit with products and business supplies. These business kits are usually deeply discounted from normal retail to start you into business without a lot of upfront investment. Do your research and find the one best for you. Ask about saturation of other business owners of the company in your area and any monthly fees involved. Be prepared to treat it as a business and not as a hobby. Those that are successful in a business of their own, treat it as a business and work it as a business and not a hobby when it is convenient.

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