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By on March 13, 2018

Network marketing has the potential for great benefits. Notice I used the word potential. Work at home and you don’t have a boss. That’s a major benefit. Start business at home and see how much easier it is to relax. But the benefit that I want to focus on is the one that most profoundly affects who you really are.

A Network Marketing company is really a business education company. It is business education for the future, your future. If you want to change where you come from and where you’re going to, you’ll have to change what you think.

Personal Development is a major benefit. I’m sure most get into network marketing thinking about the possibility of money. Work at home and you take the normal pressure of the workplace out of your life. But consider this, to become successful you will have to improve yourself. You’re going to have to learn the obvious business techniques and strategies. Start business at home and you’ll have to learn how to grow the business. You’re going to have to improve your interpersonal skills. When you get through this process you’ll look in the mirror and see the same person, but you’ll realize that you’ve grown into something that you weren’t before, because of the process you put yourself through.

Are you tired of a dead end job or living paycheck to paycheck. The network marketing industry forces changes in the lives of its participants because success will come after you work your way through the process that makes you a better person. We don’t live in the industrial age any longer. Job security is becoming obsolete. Retirement packages are shrinking. Big Companies are looking for ways to cut health care benefits. If you feel stuck in a job, or if you’re tired of going from job to job, you’re going to want something different. You’re going to want more. Network marketing for the most part requires you to be more before you get more.

Give yourself a few years to go through this change to get the mindset of a business owner. Go to meetings. Are the leaders just interested in you selling products or are they interested in you developing yourself into a better person? Are they more interested in you selling for them than developing yourself? Hang out with new people. Make some new friends, see the world differently. Examine a new paradigm for yourself. Develop some new skills. All of this new stuff will give you some new values and change the way you see yourself and the way you see the world.

The people with big money build networks, everyone else looks for a job. Ray Crock built a network of McDonald’s fast food restaurants that have served billions of hamburgers. A network has unlimited potential for growth. Unlimited potential in the growth of a network means unlimited potential for growth in net worth.

Find a friend who wants to go there with you. If you have friends that are holding you back. Join a network marketing company… because you need new friends.

In network marketing, the only way you can become successful is by helping others become successful. Isn’t that a cool concept. The only way you get to obtain your dream in network marketing is by helping others attain theirs. Is there something else you could do that would give you a shot at the possibility of living your dream? Others in the network will encourage you to pursue your dream. Money of course is not the most important thing in the world. But everything that is important can be changed or enhanced with it. Having money makes larger dreams possible. What it opens up to you is being a help to others.

Are you a leader? Look over your shoulder, is anyone following you? That’s the test. You’re going to have to “hear” (consider some life changing truths) something that you might not have heard before. That will give you some thoughts that you’ve never thought before. If you choose to put these thoughts to work and do something that you’ve never done before, then and only then do you have the opportunity to become something that you’ve never been before. After you do these things, look over your shoulder again, you’ve probably got some folks following you. What does that make you?

Now, more than ever, more people have access to this “power of networks”, it’s the same power that people with the famous last names have used to build corporate and financial empires. You do have to take the first step, however. Remember the saying “knowledge is power”. If you fill yourself with enough knowledge, it will shift your thinking and give you the power to change.

And the value of network marketing is the change that it brings to those that will engage themselves in the process of personal development. In the long run that will bring them the ability to make a lot of money. But the personal growth changes you into someone you couldn’t have been without it. You can’t buy that with money. So the real “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow is the change in you that was brought to you by the journey.

Source by John R Powell

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