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By on February 21, 2018

If you’re new to online jobs, work from home forums can provide a lot of support and resources. There are thousands of people out there that are willing to share and help. Don’t be nervous – just hop on a discussion forum and start asking questions!

Should you ever have the opportunity to meet with successful online earners, you will likely be struck by one thing… there is no typical profile. Some are still in high school, while others retired years ago. They come from all backgrounds, countries, races and religions. However, they all share one trait; they are all sick and tired of having to worry about paying their bills. Today the successful ones work less, and play more, lots more, without the worries.

While searching for that perfect business model you’ve probably seen comments stating something to the effect of; “98.7% of online jobs are scams.” If that doesn’t scare you off right out of the box and you still want to pursue your quest here are some important points to consider while searching:

1. PRICE: Does the initial cost to get into the business model present an unreasonable impediment for anyone to enter, i.e. students, the unemployed or persons living on a fixed income?

2. VALUE: Does the information describing the business plan make sense? Does it represent a significant value or return for effort expended?

3. SUCCESS RATE: What percentage of committed program participants will be successful at earning a part time and/or fulltime income from working from home at these jobs?

4. LEARNING CURVE: Does the program require the average participant to undergo unreasonable learning or ramp up time that may cause difficulty or ill-afforded delays in their ability to earn a paycheck from the program?

5. EASE OF ENTRY: Will the average person be able to master the required skills?

6. SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION: How long will it take the average committed participant to earn their first paycheck once they have mastered the entry skills?

7. PRACTICALITY: Can the successful participant earn a significant part or full time living without having to make sales calls or do any in-person selling?

8. SCALABILITY: Can the basic business model be enlarged by adding additional skill sets to increase magnitude of income streams?

9. GEOGRAPHIC: Can the business model be used anywhere in the world?

10. SATISFACTION: How satisfied were the recipients of the income stream products with their purchases?

11. PAYOFF: What type of reasonable result would a successful participant expect from the program? Can a fully-committed participant use this business model to replace traditional employment and beyond?

If you can apply the above criteria to any business model you research for a guide line to success you are well on your way to mastering working from home jobs. GOOD LUCK!

Source by Donald L Thomsen

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